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Solitec GROUP


Over three decades of active presence in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries the foremen of the company came to the conclusion to gathered all of the activities under the name of a single company.  Therefore” Solitec International Co.” was founded on 27 Nov, 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates based on highly experienced angers, integrity, hard work and customer service to significantly promote the level of customer satisfaction.

The main activities of the Solitec Group are spread out in supplying the oilfield equipment.  Pipe and Full range of Safety Valves and Controls Valves are just samples of common products that could be supported by the company’s experts to the major oil companies and drilling contractors.

Solitec Oil and gas division headquarters and base is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates . The base is well-equipped and manned for casing / tubing services.  Solitec continually seeks to expand it’s sphere of operations geographically by providing a higher quality product and service than is offered by its competitors and also by the acquisition of other companies which can meet the Solitec strategic requirements.

Subsequently Solitec has grown into a dominant sales and distribution organization with offices strategically located in Dubai, and UK.



Our goal and our mission is to provide a solid and dependent structure to support your companies needs. We have over Fifteen years supplying and supporting industrial drilling equipment for companies around the world. In order to support and provide the best customer experience we focus on you, the customer, to offer a full turnkey solution for whatever your business needs. Our products fused with our customer service will bring you a sophisticated, well oiled business process that can fit any business need.

Our aim is continuing the pursuit of long trading

Being closer to our customers to provide the solutions that meet their new challenges


Oil & Gas Division

Oil Country Tubular Goods

For over 15 years, Solitec has been supplying Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) to reputed international exploration and production companies. The sales team is able to provide a well-informed and highly focused service to our customers. Solitec personnel have expertise in the fields of sales, procurement, logistics, technical support and back up.


Solitec has built up a client base over many years with the know-how of our staff. To support its larger contracts, Solitec has strategic supply relationships with various mills throughout the world.

We work with accredited mills, but insist on our own quality regime to ensure impeccable service. Extending the importance for striking valuable partnerships, Solitec has developed a strong shipping/freight-forwarding network. This is done to secure timely delivery from source to destination. Detailed attention is paid to export documentation by our organization. Getting it right the first time is a must to ensure successful delivery and customs clearance, and our aim of timely delivery to our customers motivates us to get it right from the word go.


The unique blend of aggressive trader mentality and the large scale production manufacturing knowledge of:


















API 5CT latest edition / API 5B / API 5L





API and Premium Joint Connections

Casing and Tubing

Premium Connection  |  VAM Family , Wedge Series  , Blue Series , NKK , STS , …

FJL ( Flush Joint )

NUE (non-upset tubing)

IJ (integral joint tubing)


EUE (external upset tubing)

XL (extreme-line casing)

And almost any semi-premium & gas tight connection


BTC (buttress thread casing)

Seamless & Welded


Standards: API Specification 5CT latest edition

at time of manufacture (PSL-1, PSL-2, PSL, 3)

ISO 11960:2004 – Petroleum and Natural Gas


industries – Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells


Sizes: Outside Diameter: 1.660″ – 30″


Grades: H40, J55, K55, N80,N80Q, L80, C90, C95, T95, P110, Q125,

SS95,SS110, 13%CR, 28%CR


External bare and uncoated or externally coated with black/ transparent anti rust Mill varnish
Plastic or Metal Pin and Box Protectors.

Internal plastic coating or sleeves.


Mill Test Certificates

Issued in accordance with API Specification 5CT latest edition . Additional Third Party Inspection can also be performed on request.


We also stock a wide range of premium joint connections, especially the VAM family, for more information please keeping touch with us.


Seamless & Welded


Standards: API 5L latest edition (PSL1 & PSL2): GR. B, X-42 to X80
ASTM A-106: GR. A, B, C
ASTM A-53: GR. A, B


With supplementary requirements of NACE MR 0175 for Sour Service





Seamless: Outside Diameter 1/8” – 24”

ERW/HFI: Outside Diameter 1/2” – 24”

L-SAW/SPIRAL SAW: Outside Diameter 12” – 120”



6 mtr & 12 mtr (with tolerances), SRL & DRL




According to API 5D and API Spec. 7 latest edition

Drill Pipes and sour service drill pipes from 2 3/8” to 6 5/8″

Grades of E, X, G, S

Tool joints: NC26, NC31, NC38, NC40, NC46, NC50, NC56, 5 œ FH, 6 5/8 FH and HLDS26 to HLDS50, HLDS 5 œ to HLDS 6 5/8, others available on request.

Hard Banding and Internal Plastic Coating available on request

Heavy Weight Drill Pipes (HWDP)


According to API 7 and API RP 7G

Size Range: 3 1/2″ to 6 5/8″


Hard Banding: As per request


Rental option is available for find out more in this regards please send E-mail to info@solitec-group.com




Maximise drilling performance in any application with the industry’s widest range of bit types, from StingBlade Bits, to PDC

to Roller Cones. Our broad portfolio of high-quality bits ensures premium performance to meet your drilling demands.


PDC / ROCK BIT / FISH TAIL / ROLLER CONE / Diamond-Impregnated / Hammer




SIZE : 3 7/8” TO 27”



you will be joining a company that will encourage your growth and support your

 professional development.



Thank you for expressing your interest in cooperating with us and Solitec’s perspectives have always been looking for individuals who are willing to take on challenges and work in a dynamic and high-performance environment.







Solitec Group has the pleasure of introducing you to a cutting edge technology that will enable you to better deal with an age old problem wax deposits.

Wax Inhibition & Prevention

For Wax Inhibition

& Prevention


Green Technology



Introduction to PARA LAX


A novel and proven solution to eliminate wax deposits from the Wellhead to the Refinery


Solitec Group has the pleasure of introduc­ing you to a cutting edge technology that will enable you to better deal with an age old problem wax deposits.


Ever since the first barrel of oil was pro­duced, the problem of wax deposits in the Tubing and flow lines has been apparent Wax deposits are the primary cause of de­cline in production, plugged pipe, pump hang-ups and the need for work overs. Over the years, several methods have been de veloped to combat this problem; the most popular have been Acidizing, Solvent Washing and Hot Oiling All of these meth­ods remove wax from the line, but all have quite serious disadvantages and none are able to create a wax free environment after­wards.


Solitec Group has the pleasure of introducing you to a cutting edge technology that will enable you to better deal with an age old problem wax deposits.


Ever since the first barrel of oil was produced, the problem of wax deposits in the Tubing and flow lines has been apparent Wax deposits are the primary cause of decline in production, plugged pipe, pump hang-ups and the need for work overs. Over the years, several methods have been developed to combat this problem; the most popular have been Acidizing, Solvent Washing and Hot Oiling All of these meth­ods remove wax from the Iine, but alI have quite serious disadvantages and none are able to create a wax free environment afterwards.





Paraffin Wax is one of the Root Causes of Poor

Oil Well Performance

Paraffin wax can cause oil wells to become shut-in with no production, which results in the loss of reve­nue and a significant increase in the risk of failures and catastrophic events.

PARALAX® Improves BOPH in Subsea Pipeline

When paraffin wax develops and hardens at any point along the oil production process, it affects efficiency, production and revenues. Wax creates problems at the wellbore, inside tubing, at perforations, along pump strings and rods, and throughout flowl ines and pipelines. PARALAX® offers a safe and environmentally friendly way to remove wax and keep wax from returning.


PARALAX®controls wax buildup on:


• Pumped, gas lift and flowing wells

• Flowlines and production facilities

• Storage tanks, rail cars and tankers

• Gas condensate facilities and pipelines

• Land and subsea pipelines


A Customized Solution for Wax Free Pipelines


Our team of specialists work with you to customize a PARALAX® treatment for your unique conditions. We work one-on-one with you because PARALAX is different than traditional dispersant, solvents or inhibitors. It is based on proprietary biotechnology that reacts differently with wax buildup. Activated when mixed with crude oil, PARALAX® works as a solvent to remove wax layer by layer and create a wax-repelling environment that can last for 2 to 3 months with ongoing maintenance.


• Customized treatment with technical support and training

• Maintain wax-free environment for 2-3 months

• Reduce time needed for wax removal treatments

• Less frequent treatments


The PARALAX® team works directly with you to customize the treatment for your specific conditions.


Eliminate Wax Deposits from

the Wellhead to the Refinery

A Safe and Environmentally Friendly Solution

PARALAX®is not flammable, nontoxic, nonvolatile and safe to handle. Spills can easily be washed down with no special handling requirements. Compared to traditional methods of wax management like acidizing, solvent washing and hot oiling, PARALAX® is safe for the environment.

PARALAX® cleared a subsea oil pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, where past treatments had been ineffective, pipeline throughput declined and some well÷s had to be taken off-line. Once PARALAX® treated the pipeline, the operator was able to discontinue the use of other chemicals and saw an increase from 80 barrels of oil per hour (BOPH) to 140 in just two weeks.


                            PARALAX       Acidizning       Solvent Washing       Hot Oiling

Corrosive                                      SAFE                        Caution                       Caution      

Flammable                                  SAFE                                                              Caution                           Caution      

Oxidizing                                      SAFE                        Caution

Toxic                                             SAFE                        Caution                       Caution      

Environmental Hazard               SAFE                        Caution                       Caution      

Explosive                                      SAFE                                                                                                        Caution      

Harmful /irritant                          SAFE                        Caution                       Caution      

Carcinogen                                  SAFE                         Caution                       Caution      



At the start of the PARALAX® treatment process, the operator continued the use of a drag reducer in addition to the PARALAX® treatment. PARALAX® was injected into the pipeline directly before the pump and riser at 200 ppm. Flow rates were closely monitored with daily telemetry reports issued.


There was an initial decline in the flow rate following the PARALAX® treatment because wax particles were mobilized and were partially blocking the pipe. After several days of increasing PARALAX® rates, there was a small, 25 BOPH increase in the flow rate, however further improvements were required. After 7 days, the PARALAX® team further customized the PARALAX® treatment by recommending the discontinuation of the drag reducer. This allowed more turbulence in the pipeline and created a better environment for the PARA LAX® treatment to work on the wax buildup. Initially, this created a decline in the flow rate by 20 BOPH due to the higher turbulence and friction pressure.


With careful monitoring, the following 24-hours saw a significant change in conditions as the flow rate steadied and then rose over a 5-day period to 3500 BOPD. This was almost double the lowest BOPD rate prior to the PARALAX® treatment. Figure 1 shows the declining flow rate in the months leading up to the PARALAX treatment and the subsequent increase in rates once the drag reducer was eliminated.

PARALAX is the cost-cutting efficiency-boosting technology and innovation that operators cannot afford to be without.


The use of wax chemicals and solvents in the oilfield has never been either effective or safe for workers and the environment. A better way to improve oil well performance and efficiency, and lower lift-costs is by using PARALAX.




PARALAX® was initially continued at a rate of 200 ppm. In the months following the initial treatment, injection stopped for several weeks because of a lack of supply of PARALAX®. This caused a slight decline in the flow levels, however they improved when PARALAX® injection began again. A PARALAX® rate of 500 ppm was settled on and the pipeline flow rate leveled at 180 BOPH.

PARALAX® increased the flow rate by over 2400 barrels per day. and added over $200,000 a day in production cash flow.


In November 2012, PARALAX® was used to treat a subsea pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico. The 8" diameter, 27 mile pipeline ran from a production platform and tied into a 12" pipeline shared with other operators upstream.




Over a six year period, wax was gradually building up in the subsea pipeline. However, buildup was more aggressive over the last year and despite several efforts, the operator had limited success controlling or removing the wax. A drag reducer  chemical was used in the last year, eliminating turbulence in the pipe and reducing pumping pressure by 200 psi. The low pressure resulted in several wells being taken offline to avoid  spills and overflow. Production was reduced to 80 BOPH as a result.




The goal of the PARALAX® treatment was to remove the wax buildup and improve pipeline flow. This was something the operator was unable to  do with previous treatments of wax inhibitors and drag reducers. Initial treatment options were challenged by the use of a drag reducer in parallel  with PARALAX.



Paraffin wax can cause oil wells to become shut-in with no production, which results in the loss of revenue and a significant increase in the risk of failures and catastrophic events

Up to 85% of the world’s oil suffers when paraffin wax precipitates out and solidifies on the side wall of the well, clogs up the tubing, casing, perforations, pump strings, rods and the complete oil transfer system of flow lines, pipelines, et cetera


Paraffin wax is the initial glue that causes asphaltenes, corrosion and debris to stick, collect and buildup If this paraffin wax buildup is left untreated it can block the well and oil transfer system, and cause the pumps and pump strings to break. Many nodding donkeys stand up in paraffin wax, and when they do, expensive “fishing” and repair procedures are required.


The usual methods to remediate paraffin wax, such as thermal, magnetic, mechanical scraping, solvent cleaning, acids or chemicals are not only cumbersome, costly and hazardous, they provide only temporary relief and often cause problems of their own. They also force much of the problem down into the formation, which can choke off future production.


Most importantly, they stop production—sometimes for several days at a time dependent on the severity of the precipitation Stopping production to perform a chemical, water or oil wash costs money. The washing procedure requires a wash truck, acids, water or oil and extra manpower.


                          When you take into consideration that this pipeline has not been pigged in 7 years, you have to ask yourself how long will it take to free it up.... was a miracle chemical for us, and we all said there was no way possible it would work. But we were all very pleased to be proven wrong






In our eyes, such a significant improvement in production figures has elevated PARALAX from ...

a wax remediation product to being an exceptional improved oil recovery product.




Reduce the Impact on

production Cost

and Equipment


Removing wax deposits and keeping equipment wax- free helps maintain production efficiency and limits damage to equipment. Production does not have to stop when using PARALAX® and operators find that the product pays for itself in less than two weeks and sometimes as soon as 2 days.



• Improved production

• Generate a return on investment within 1 -2 weeks

• Lessen pump load and improve production

• Fewer and easier cleanout treatments

• Limit workovers and bottlenecks

• Fewer pump hang-ups

• Free up man-hours for other activities


Gas Lift Well Benefits from 13 Weeks of Wax-Free Production

Common practice for flowing and gas lift wells is to use slickline units with gauge cutters to cut the wax  from tubing wells. This practice was repeated ever four to seven days. PARALAX® supplemented the  treatment and was injected into the formation to support the creation of a wax-repelling environment.


`the PARALAX® treatment within 11 days.




Please use the form below for any general inquiries you may have. For specific product inquiries please use our product inquiry form.


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